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Cookie policy
The data protection commissioner has issued on 8 may 2014 the following provision nr.229 concerning “the identification of simplified measures regarding personal data and consent requested in the use of cookies.
This website is required to provide information on its cookie policy www.garanteprivacy.it
Cookies are small text files, sent by a website to its visitor in order to memorise data, information (login, language, location, session information etc..). They subsequently are then re-transmitted on the users next visit.
Unlike transparent GIFs (also known as Web Beacon, web bugs or pixel tags), which are small electronic images, with similar functions as cookies, they are integrated invisibly in the web pages and allow the website to monitor its visitor traffic and compile statistics on its use and rates of response.
Such instruments are necessary in most cases to assist the correct functioning of a website.
However the user can at any time decide whether to cancel or disable cookies (by accessing the appropriate options in each browser).
Types of cookies
The purpose of this provision, in relation to cookie use and its characteristics, is such that we can identify three macro-categories:
Technical cookies:
They are soley used in carrying out the transmission of a communication onto an electronic network, or if strictly necessary, to the supplier of a service information company explicitly requested by the subscriber or user itself to provide such a service (cfr.art.122,comma1, Code).
They are not used for other purposes and are normally directly installed by the owner or operator of the website. They can be sub-divided into navigation cookies or session cookies, and guarantee correct navigation and access to the website (allowing for example, the online purchase of an item or authorisation needed to access private areas); cookie analysis, compiled by technicians to be then used by site operators to collect information on the number of its users and how they navigate their site; cookie functionality that allows the user navigation according to a series of criteria selected (for example, language, selected purchase items) with the purpose of improving its service.
For the installation of such cookies, no authorisation on behalf of the user is required, whereas it remains necessary that the website operator must provide information and guarantee that under art. 13 of the code, such devices are implemented in compliance with the most suitable procedures currently available.
Cookie profiling
They are designed to create profiles on the user and are used with the intent to send ads in line with the users preferred navigational preferences.
Due to the particular intrusion that such devices may pose on the users privacy, European and Italian law foresee that users are adequately informed of such uses and thus must express their valid consent.
With reference to art.122 of the code, whereby the storage of information
in the terminal of a contractor or user, or access to previously stored information, may only be authorised on the condition that the user has given their consent after having been fully informed of the art.13, comma 3(art.122, comma 1 of the code).
Third party cookies
During the users navigation on the website, he may receive on his terminal site cookies of different servers or websites, that have been programmed directly by different website operators or servers. These cookies may be sent directly to the user's browser by third parties directly, whereby it is then possible to access navigation of their website.
In such cases, the operator of this website is unaware of the operational activity of these cookies and the responsability must lie with the third parties involved.
Cookies are distinguished into two duration categories
Temporary or session cookies are removed from the computer once the computer is shut down.
Persistent cookies: These text files remain in the computers memory even after the navigation session has ended.
Use of cookies on behalf of this website
We use cookies to offer you what you may require using the most simple and fastest methods available via anonymous statistical analysis. The website uses the following types of cookies:
navigation cookies- we use these cookies to allow the user to visualise our website and to make it work properly. These cookies are necessary to ensure that our website is functioning correctly.
Functional cookies- we use these cookies to help us remember your preferences and to help you navigate on our site quickly and efficiently.
Functional cookies are not necessary for the correct functioning of the site, but they provide additional services improving the overall total experience.
Analytical cookies- we can use analytical cookies (even from third parties) to give us a better understanding of how our clients use our website, what works and what doesn't, to enhance and improve our site and that our users continue to be stimulated
The data assimilated can include, for example, the web pages visited, the type of platform used, information on the date and time spent, how many clicks a particular page receives, word searches and texts entered by the user whilst navigating the website. (In the case of analytical cookies used by Google, it is possible to de-activate these by installing an additional component in the users own browser clicking on the link: Additional browser component for the de-activation of Google analytics).
Cancellation and cookie management
The majority of internet browsers are initially set up to automatically accept cookies. You can change this set up to block cookies or to be warned that cookies are being sent to the users devices. There are various ways to manage cookies. You can refer to your instruction manual or use the help screen of your browser. In the case of different devices (i.e computer, smartphone, tablet etc...) you will have to ensure that each browser on each device is regulated to reflect your cookie preferences.
The user can independently manage the activation or de-activation of cookies on his own device. It is important to understand however, that the de-activation of cookies may impede the correct functioning of the website.
Further info on the de-activation of cookies on Firefox
Further info on the de-activation of cookies on Chrome
Further info on the de-activation of cookies on Internet Explorer
Further info on the de-activation of cookies on Safari
Further info on the de-activation of cookies on Opera
Further info on the de-activation of cookies on mobile devices: Android; Safari; Windows Phone; - Blackberry
Consent of the use of cookies:
Accessing and browsing the website gives your consent to the use and receipt of cookies. This website does not use cookie profiling and thus according to current legislation it is not required to seek consent for the use of technical and analytical cookies when offering its proposed services.
Changes to this Cookie Policy and contacts:
We may make changes to our present cookie policy, in relation to the functioning of our website or due to any regulatory changes that may occur.
For further assistance please contact us by mail: info@mrbrush.it

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